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Natural Stone Buildings

Natural stone has been used as a building material since the early 19th century and continues to be used to this day. In this post, we take a look at buildings from around the globe made from natural stone.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon is the headquarters for the U.S department of defence. It’s the world’s largest office building spanning 6.5 million square feet. The Pentagon is made from limestone. This wasn’t necessarily by choice. There was a shortage of steel in the USA after the war, so the architect had to adjust his design to cater to building the Pentagon with limestone.

The Taj Mahal

Arguably India’s most famous tourist attraction. It’s documented that over seven million tourists visited the Taj Mahal in 2014. It was commissioned for construction in 1632 by an emperor as a tomb for his wife who died when having their fourteenth child. The entire monument is constructed from ivory white marble and took 20000 people to build. It has an area of 17 hectares and stands seventy-three metres high and has 120 rooms.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a famous amphitheatre built in Rome out of Travertine and concrete. Yes, that’s right the arena where the Gladiators fought to the applause of crowds up to 80000 spectators. Other events besides gladiator’s battles were held there, such as re-enactments and theatre plays. It was the hub of entertainment for Romans. Nowadays the Colosseum attracts curious tourists from all sides parts of the globe.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is Australia’s very own natural stone wonder. It’s definitely not as old as the other buildings on the list, but it’s just as impressive. The university was constructed in around 1850 and still stands to this day as being one of the top education facilities in the world. The structure is made from sandstone which gives it it’s orange sandy colour.

St Johns Co-Cathedral

St Johns Co-Cathedral in Malta is another limestone masterpiece that was built in the 16th century. The exterior is quite the sight with its vast monolithic white limestone walls and entrances. The interior is just as impressive and has been designed by Malta’s top artisans of the time. Inside are nine chapels adorned with art from floor to ceiling.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a famous building constructed from marble and features statues of the founding fathers. You may remember the form the Simpsons where Abe Lincoln’s statue talks to Bart. The structure contains many different types of marble from across different regions of the USA. The memorial is in the country’s political capital of Washington DC and is a famous tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists.
Of course, you can use natural stone in your own home. Imagine your house covered in beautiful marble floor tiles and decorative limestone pylons framing your entrance way. Natural stone is an excellent way to add elements of grandeur to the home. If limestone is good enough for the Pentagon, it’s good enough for your home.
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