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New Hairstyles for Winter 2018

In many parts of the world, winter is the worst time for your hair. There’s lots of snow and sub-zero weather, so you keep your hair hidden under woollen hats whose static does nothing for your tresses. Then you come indoors and the intense air conditioning exposes your locks to a puzzling mix of frizz and over-drying.
If you’re a naturalista, you can sail through winter in protective styling, but if your hair type is in the 1s, 2s, or even 3s, you have to be a lot more creative. Fortunately for Aussies, our geography means our winters are more tropical. Temperature is always above 10°C even in the coldest time of year. So what you really want is the type of hairdo that will brighten your dreary day and put you in the right mood.
You might also want something on the longer side, because exposed scalp is likely to enhance the chills. Hair seems to grow longer in cold months. This may be biological, to keep you warmer, or it might be more practical. You fuss with your hair less in the winter, and the additional undisturbed time gives it room to grow. That’s the principle behind dreadlocks and protective styling. The less you fiddle with it, the more it grows.

Cover from the cold

The need for extra warmth is probably why bangs seem to be in for Winter 2018. All the stars are wearing some version of a fringe. Work with your stylist, because having your hair on your face will affect your make-up choices. At the same time, your overhanging locks have to be styled in a way that hangs lose so it doesn’t chafe your skin. You should also pick something that works with your face shape and skin tone, if you’re changing hair colour.
Ringlets are a good way to achieve this off-the-face effect. Their wavy pattern keeps them dangling just far enough off your skin, but the coverage is enough for added warmth. You can wear them long and part them in the middle, adding hair extensions for a few extra inches. Ringlets also give you volume if your hair is naturally thin.
If you’re a curly girl that always straightens her hair to keep it a la mode, this season’s trend finally lets you explore your unspoiled look. If your standard curl is too dense, you can ask your stylist to lighten the bulk with a light straightening so that enough of your natural curl remains without it looking too weighty or dragging down your locks.

A little to the side

Asymmetry also seems to be popular this winter. Decide whether you want it subtle or extreme, taking your cue from your favourite celebrity. For shorter hair, put in asymmetrical extensions for a taste of your inner Rapunzel. You usual chin-length hair can be curved around your face in a cheeky bob, complete with longish bangs on your forehead.
If you’re feeling daring, sweep the bangs to one side of your face, then the other side of your face can have extensions, so that your hair mimics an asymmetric dress. Selena Gomez wore this look at the Coach NYFW and the overall effect was quirky but flirty. On the other hand, straight, shoulder-length hair with a subtle side bang allows you to play with it more, since you can wear it up or down throughout the season.
If you opt for the subtle approach, use a layered cut to lengthen the bang and frame your face. It’s a helpful tip for softening an oblong facial structure. Winter is good for longer hair, so even if you’re more of a short hairdo girl, you could experiment with length and go for the lob. It’s a bob that extends below the neck, grazing your collar bone. Style it with choppy waves or baby bangs above your brows. This pulls the eye back up and maintains the illusion of shortness, but it’s still warmer than your usual cut, which helps with the winter chill.

Razor edge

A lot of us have a problem with volume, but if you have the opposite challenge, it can be frustrating. Thick, heavy hair can be an issue when you want it to look sheikh and slinky. Instead of using a layered scissor-cut, go for a dramatic razor slash. It makes your hair look lighter, and you can pair it with a wet gelled look for that touch of slick.
Have your razor cut professionally done though. You don’t want to look clumsy or accidental. Another choice is to go retro. Give yourself some wavy volume and Charlie’s Angels glamour with long bags and layered ends. They frame your face by alternating inward curves and outward flips. It softens your face, offering old-school style, soft warmth, and femininity.