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New Scania Models Are Now in Australia

The long wait for Scania’s award-winning New Generation Trucks in Australia has come to an end. Almost two years after the January 2017 launch in Europe, Scania’s new truck models are now available for sale in Australia.
Scania is one of the most successful truck building companies currently in existence. With more than a hundred years in operation, Scania has settled into a slow but sure development process. The company takes time to release new models so they can craft excellence into the product. This strategy has made it one of the most trustworthy producers of trucks, buses and diesel engines globally.
In December 2017, Scania made the announcement that they would release these models in the country during the second half of 2018 and have been true to their word. The G series and R Series have been spotted running along the Hume Highway from Sydney to Melbourne carrying out tests for power, endurance and versatility. This is a common trucking route with enough undulations and flats to give drivers a good understanding of the truck’s capabilities. Scania tested the G Series with a 13-litre, 500 horsepower engine and an R Series truck with the 16-Litre 620 hp V8 engine. Both were tested hauling B-doubles at a gross combination mass (GCM) of 55 tonnes for the G Series and 61.5 tonnes for the R620. Both trucks have proven to be worth the wait by hitting all the set milestones without a hitch. Equipped with Euro 5 engines, these trucks are smoother in every way from the transmission to the aerodynamic curves along all the external truck parts.
Driver Area
In the trucking industry, your most valuable player is the driver. Scania’s policy to always put the driver first is based on their understanding that the driver’s comfort is a fundamental element contributing to the trucks performance and overall health. For this reason, they have invested in improving the ambience and options available for the driver inside the truck’s cab.
All the New Models come with an interactive LCD screen navigation and entertainment system with improved graphics and intuitive controls to help the driver keep his focus on the road. The steering wheel is also equipped with an array of buttons to help him to control the radio and LCD screen, answer phone calls as well as manage the cruise and modified drive controls all the while keeping both hands on the wheel.
In addition to excellent controls, the cabs have world-class resting and living options for the drivers. The G Series has a smaller cab then the R Series but both have special ergonomic modifications for the driver’s comfort. With 800 – 1000 mm wide bed options and modern storage panels in the sleeper cabs the driver can enjoy relaxing downtime and be well rested between trips.
Safety Features
Safety is a major issue in the transport industry with major fatalities being caused by human factors. Scania has added some safety features to the new truck models to help the drivers make split-second decisions on the job.
The main thing the designers rely on is the driver’s perception; as such, they began by giving the new models wider view angles allowing the driver to see much more with only slight movements of his head or flicks of the eye. The large curved windows are now set lower than before and the driver’s seat is set higher in the cabin. Extra lights have also been incorporated in the exterior design to increase the driver’s visibility at night.
In the event that something gets past the driver’s field of sight, the trucks have been equipped with state-of-the-art Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems. The AEB uses forward-facing radar systems to identify approaching objects and signal the driver with a collision warning before applying the brakes automatically if he doesn’t respond in time.  Other safety features include lane departure warnings, hill hold and an intelligent park brake that acts as a trailer brake if engaged when the truck is in motion or as a handbrake when it is parked.
The options Scania affords its clients are more than can be listed down in a single article. The company is dedicated to meeting all its clients’ requirements including providing after-sale services and making spare parts easily available. The Australian market is in for a treat with these New Generation Scania Trucks.
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