Varun Rana Posted on 5:08 am

Outdoor Play Equipment For Kids

Nowadays, most kids spend the better part of the day indoors with eyes glued on electronics, such as tablets. That’s just fine, considering the fast-paced generation in which we are living. But sometimes kids need to step out and engage in outdoor activities for their overall well-being. The skip and jump games keep their bodies active and get them to flex muscles a little bit.

However, with screens all over the house, it isn’t easy to convince children to spend more time outdoors. That’s why you may need to install outdoor play equipment for kids like cubby with slides and sandpits to entice them. It might be costly to set an outdoor play area, but in the long run, it’s worth it. 

Here’s how to create an outdoor play area that kids will adore.

Encourage Active Play

Kids like moving around as they play, so you need to include equipment that will encourage a range of motions. They’ll want to jump, pull, push, climb, hop, etc. You can have fixed structures like slides or equipment that can be moved around, such as skipping ropes and scooters for this purpose. Some old tires around the home can also make great bouncing tools, and if you’ve got a big space, you may have kicking balls to train the little feet. Moving is essential for the development of motor skills, so don’t leave these kinds of toys.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is essential for brain development. As such, you should allow children to use their senses at playtime actively. Consider having permanent sandpits or tools for water and mud play. However, it works best where there’s ample space. So if you have a small outdoor play area, you may have to drop a few items. You can also have simple things like pebbles, seashells, grassy surfaces, and bubbles – they too encourage sensory play. 

Encourage Creativity

Apart from having fun, children need to explore their creativity during play. Drawing and painting serve it, but you could also include some building challenges and some problem-solving tools in your outdoor play area. The good thing is that some of those creativity tools you use indoors can still make perfect outdoor equipment. For instance, the little one can bring a set of paints to extend her painting and drawing outdoors. You can also consider fixed tools such as an outdoor chalkboard so that you don’t have to eat so much of the indoor space.

Create Room for Pretend-Play

Imaginative play is essential in a child’s development. Therefore, be sure to include play equipment that facilitates pretend-play in your outdoor space. Things like a cubby house, ride-on toys, and playhouse are great tools for imaginative play. You could have a fairy garden to spark all kinds of imaginations and adventures if you have a vast play area. If the child is old enough to make a choice, let them tell you their preference. They need to have endless fun, so you can only get them what they love. Remember to keep an eye on them during this time, as they may get hurt as they explore their imaginations.

Engage Them in  Real Tasks

As much as you want your kids to have fun outdoors, you’d be happy if they learnt one or two skills. Therefore, consider engaging them in mild chores like watering the flowers around the home or tending a vegetable garden. Tree-planting is also an excellent activity for kids. They’ll live to see the trees they planted grow, and that creates beautiful childhood memories. You can also teach them how to take care of pets, and assign them duties with time.  Outdoor play is not only essential to a child’s development but also keeps their health in shape. So add a few tools to your outdoor space to reduce the number of hours your child spends indoors.