Tabbas Yaftali Posted on 6:55 am

Radical Highlight Shades That Work Well For Blondes

Being blonde might have its case of having more fun but when it comes to colouring your hair you can be stuck with your hands in your tresses. Fear of ruining your colour or have your hair fall off in clumps keep a lot of you out of the salon and safely at home stroking your gorgeous sunshine hair. Yet after a few years of the same colour, anyone can get bored and that’s why you sometimes have to step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new.
Nowadays hairdressers know what will work and what won’t so it’s easy to book a session where you can just talk about the different options that you can choose from, and if there’s something you’d really like to have done. They will tell you about after care and how to keep the colour for as long as possible, what shampoos to avoid and what shampoos to use etc. They have an entire arsenal up their sleeves which some of us don’t even know about.
So here are a few radical highlight shaded that will work well with blondes:

Caramel blonde

Think Jennifer Aniston seasons 9 and 10 Friends era. The colour that had many women green with envy. Today it’s easy to do and with the right hairdresser you can channel your inner Rachel and rock it like you were meant to.

Strawberry blonde

We were all at one point or another envious of any woman who was natural a strawberry blonde. Well, gone are the days of envy and here are we are just a short trip from our local salon where they can work their magic.


Nowadays there are so many possibilities that you won’t know how you will every decide. And when opting for a red shade you do have more than a few options to choose from. Red and blonde have always been a beautiful combination and your hairdresser is the person who can make it happen for you.

Buttery blonde

Oh, the California blonde, a shade that conjures up trips to the beach and pool parties. Where summer is endless and everyone is having a great time thanks to all the vitamin D.
The buttery Californian blonde highlights are for the woman who loves the outdoors and want her hair to resemble that lifestyle. So add these gorgeous highlights if your blonde hair is a bit dull and not picking up on all the lovely sunshine.


This is an absolute favourite and done right will turn heads wherever you go. It’s such a gorgeous colour that needs to be shown off and if you decide to go this route you will not be disappointed and probably be back to touch up your highlights for more than a few months.
It doesn’t matter what shade of blonde you are there is a beautiful shade out there for you. Even if you’re someone who wants to rock hot pin highlights just have a chat with your hairdresser Sydney and look at the options.