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Removing Carpet Stains Sorting Fact From Myth

There are a lot of myths surrounding carpet stain removal – with old wives’ tales and recipes to remove those stubborn stains from your carpet. From the absolutely ridiculous, to the more typical stain removers, this article will dispel myth from fact, as we road test some of the more unconventional methods of removing stains from your carpet. From beer – yes that’s right, beer – to shaving cream, the internet is flooded with these do it yourself solutions to your stain removal needs. Those pesky tea and coffee stains will become a thing of the past once we get to the bottom and sort fact from myth.

How to Remove Stains from Carpet


Apparently, beer can work as a stain remover to remove tea and coffee stains from your rug. This method sounds like the person who came up with it was drinking beer when the light bulb moment sprung into their booze-addled brain. Tipping beer on tea and coffee stains on your rugs is not advisable, as when you do remove the tea or coffee stain then you have to worry about the beer stain. So beer is probably not the best method for removing those tough stains.

Shaving Cream

Apparently, if you dab small amounts of shaving cream on your carpet, this will remove a juice or soft drink stain. This method is also supposed to be good on grease and oil stains. I’m not too sure of the science behind it but this method almost removed a stain. Not as efficient as a professional cleaner, although it will remove small, rather fresh stains from your carpet or rugs around the home.


A mixture of salt, water, and vinegar is said to good for removing stains around the home. The acidic nature of the vinegar helps break down and remove stains from carpets, rugs and can also be used to remove stains from your clothing. But remember to use it sparingly, as the acid might dye your clothes and carpet a few shades lighter.


By applying salt to a freshly spilled wine stain, it will soak up and lift the wine from the carpet. This method works well if you can freshly catch the culprit and apply the salt immediately to the stain. A simple old wife’s tale technique that works well. If you don’t catch the stain in time, unfortunately, the salt will not help and you will have sought other methods such as hire professional carpet cleaners Sydney.

Baking Soda

The much loved, by mothers from around the world, powder is often used when those nasty accidents happen. If your child vomits or urinates on your carpet – baking soda to the rescue! Simply sprinkle on some baking soda as soon as possible and this will help lift the stain and destroy unwanted nasty odors. After the baking soda has done its job, simply vacuum up the powder. Tougher stains might call for equally as tough measures and will require a second application or maybe even professional cleaning.

Ice Cubes

We’ve all found used chewing gum stuck somewhere, only to stepped on and smeared into the carpet. The sticky mess is difficult to get out of the carpet. The old wife’s tale goes that if you put ice on the chewing gum it will harden and be easier to remove from the carpet. This method didn’t seem to work and will definitely go into the category of myth.


WD40 is found in nearly every shed across Australia and commonly used for lubricating rusted bolts or greasing where needs to be greased. It has been said that WD40 is great for ink stains. Simply squirt someone the stain on your carpet, wait five minutes and wipe it up. I tried this method and although it did remove some of the stain, there were still visible marks remaining on the carpet. This method works a little and is good for small stains.


Mixing cornstarch and milk is also supposed to be said to remove ink stains from carpet. The logic behind is that the paste congeals and soaks the ink up from the carpet. Simply make a paste from milk and corn-starch and apply it to the stain directly. Wait a few minutes and then wipe it up. Again this method did work fairly well but again, there were still visible signs of the stain on the carpet.
So we brushed on a few the effectiveness of few do it yourself stain removal remedies. Some more effective than the others – and some not living up to expectations at all! Most of the aforementioned concoctions work to some degree, although they will not completely remove stains from your carpet. Sometimes the only thing you can do is call a professional and let them deal with it. Or you could troll the internet for more remedies and hope that one works…