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Safety Tips You Should Display with Your Outdoor Play Module

Outdoor play modules in your home or in a public space are a great way for children to socialise and get outdoors and burn off some energy. If you are lucky they will burn off all the excess energy and get them to go sleep a lot easier! But as safe and as fun as play modules are, there are some safety warnings and advice that should be displayed clearly around the play area to give parents and kids an idea of the potential risks. This will also ensure you won’t be liable for any medical costs that occur down the track. Clear signage with should be displayed at all entries to the playground. In this post, we take a look at some ideas for signs in your playground.

Children Should Be Accompanied by an Adult

This is an important one. Children should be accompanied or supervised by an adult at all times. Adult supervision is integral to create a safe and fun environment for children to play in. Around your outdoor play module, it’s not a bad idea to install seats for parents to take a load off while supervising their children.

Do Not Eat and Drink in the Play Module

This will help keep your outdoor play area nice and tidy so that it can be enjoyed by all. It also helps keep sticky messes from appearing and will cut back on maintenance costs. Also, the sugar in foods can prematurely degrade your outdoor play module. Let’s face it, it’s a public space and should be enjoyed by all.  A messy playground is a turn-off and parents will be likely to walk the other way and little Timmy won’t be allowed to play.

Aggressive Behaviour is Unacceptable

We’ve all seen it, kids will be running around the playground, having a great old time and there is always that one kid who doesn’t get his way and starts being aggressive. This is not acceptable in any way and having signage will make the parents and children aware that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. Not on my watch sonny Jim.

No Dangerous Behaviour

This is a bit of a blanket statement and is open to interpretation. But due to the nature of outdoor play modules, it can make for dangerous scenarios. If everyone plays safe, it’s not a problem, but you will get the occasional hooligan risk taker who is willing to do some outrageous things for attention. This sign will bring this message to the forefront of parents minds who can hopefully catch the behaviour and stop it before it results in an injury.

Refrain from Using the Equipment When Wet

This is an important one. An outdoor playground can go from a fun afternoon into a night spent in the hospital, all because of a quick change of the weather. Wet playground equipment is a recipe for disaster and although it seems like common sense, a sign should be erected to cement the message and remove the liability from you.

No Bare Feet

Back in the day we all used to run around in bare feet and had a great old time when we were children. Times have changed, and I guess you could say that children are little more precious than they were back then. Wearing shoes is a good safety measure and will ensure the protection of the child’s feet from getting crushed by another child. It also prevents them from getting caught in places they shouldn’t be.

Please Treat Our Playground with Respect

This is a good one to keep your playground in one piece, so it can be enjoyed by families in the future. This simple sign has the effect of bringing some sort of morals into play and generally, children and parents will abide by it. Of course, there is always one in the crowd and some people will disregard your signs or be completely oblivious, but you’ve done your part and can sleep easy at night time.

Caution: Playground Equipment May Be Hot

This one depends on which part of the world you’re in. I know in Queensland this one is a must. I remember running around as a kid and scorching myself on the slippery slides. I’d run home to mum and she would patch me up and we would be back again the next day.

No Throwing Rocks or Shoes

We all know what kids are like. If unattended they will pick up the nearest thing in sight and hurl it across the playground just for a giggle. Hopefully, they see this sign beforehand and have some respect for authority. It just makes for a safer environment.
When it comes to signage for your outdoor module playground, take into consideration your location and what rules you want to put into place. Remember they are not only for the children, they are for the parents.