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Shop Around for Banner Stands are Built to Last

Outdoor events are made or broken by the quality of advertising media. Fans, customers, and attendees might enjoy the food, the ambience, and the DJ. They might post selfies all over the social media, or call their friends to join them at the venue. However, from your perspective as an exhibitor, none of that matters.
For you, the only important factor is whether they connected with your brand. Even if they enjoyed themselves, your entire event was a wasted effort if you didn’t develop a sales lead. Your banners are the main way you’ll attract prospects, so you should invest adequately. The print on the banner needs to be weather-proof, so it won’t be damaged by rain, dust, or sunlight. It should be well printed to ensure solar reflections don’t render it illegible.
Any visuals and wording should be clear, catchy, and in sharp focus. Choose your fonts and messaging carefully, and make it relevant to the event. A pull-up banner that’s contextual and directly linked to the fair will create better recall than generic brand information. Ensure you get good quality stands to support your banner. Here are some features to look for.


When you buy your stand from a reliable supplier, they’ll give you multiple anchoring options. It’s always a good idea to get all available versions to ensure you can use the same stand in different set-ups. For example, flag banners can be wall-mounted on brackets, screwed or riveted to a concrete floor, dug into the soil or grass on spiked poles, or held on a flat surface with sand bags and water weights. Have adequate sets of each so regardless of your venue, you can prevent your banner from being tipped over in the wind.


This seems to oppose the point about stability, but that’s not necessarily the case. A stable stand keeps your banner vertical and visible despite the crowds. However, a stand that’s light and sturdy is easy to carry around. That means you can transport more of them, offering versatility in your exhibition booth. It can be especially helpful if the parking area and the display area are positioned far away from each other. It’s even more helpful for road show equipment that will need to be driven from state to state.

Easy storage

How often do you present festivals and trade shows? Most companies do it once a season, with particularly active brands having a show every weekend. That still leaves five days when your banners need to be stashed in a shed. They can easily get damaged in storage, being scratched, torn, or nibbled by rats. You want banner stands that are easy to store.
Banners that can retract or fold are ideal, because they fit in a smaller space and you can stack large volumes in limited room. It helps if they have zipped carry-cases to prevent physical damage and accumulated dust that could affect your prints. See if you can find dust-proof bags with wheels at the base for added portability.


When you’re in a rush to get something done, disposables seem like a good idea. However, for scenarios you can plan, predict, and replicate – like trade shows or seasonal festivals – you want something long-lasting, even if it costs a little more. Cumulatively, it works out cheaper than consistently throwing stuff away. Banner stands are items you should only buy once.
Top quality banner stands can be reskinned for years. You retain the stand itself and simply stretch a new tarp over it with fresh visuals. Check the mounting mechanism on your stands. It should be easy to thread or loop your paper, fabric, or vinyl onto the frame. Don’t go for a cumbersome banner that will tear your visuals as you mount or dismantle them.
Banners don’t have to be plain or boring. There’s a lot you can do with them. You can pick double-sided prints, or rotating ones that flap in the wind. You can pick prints with holographic effects, where the messages changes depending on the angle you’re viewing it from. It should have backlighting options so you can highlight relevant portions of your banner, or display them in darkened rooms or after-dark events.
All this depends on the type of stand you have. If it’s retractable, or can be interlinked with other stands for a more complex display, then it leaves you more wiggle room. Above all, you want a stand that assembles and dismantles in minutes, letting you focus on your show.

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