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Skinny to Buff

The majority of the fitness world is filled with products and tips on how to lose weight, yet there are a lot of people who need to pick up weight in order to reach their physical peak. These people are often overlooked because it doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as someone else who is trying to lose those extra pounds.
There are people who struggle to eat and get in the right amount of calories. This is where these products come in, products that will help you gain weight healthily without you having to eat junk food that has zero nutrition.
These products are also used for bulking up and creating muscle, so if you need to pick up weight while building mass you need look no further. The supplements here will deliver exactly what you need.
Here are a few of the best weight gaining products currently on the market:

  1. Optimum Nutrition – SERIOUS MASS

Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass is the answer to all your weight gaining needs, every scoop has 1250 calories and 40g of protein. It’s perfect to take after a workout or even in between your daily meals. If you add a strenuous workout you will get big very quickly without having to worry about what to eat. It takes the thinking and obsessing over what to eat out of the equation.
Every scoop has 250g carbs, creatine, glutamine, glutamine peptides and 25 minerals and vitamins, everything you need in one scoop.

  1. Mutant – MASS

As the name suggests you will be engaging beast mode when using Mutant Mass.
Many hours of research and testing has lead to this product that is at the top of its game. It does what it says, bulking you up in no time.
Every serving delivers a potent dose of anabolic macronutrients which includes their very own MUTANT PRO.
It has over 1060 calories per serving with an addictive taste that will have you coming back for more.

  1. Muscletech – Mass-Tech

The new Mass-Tech muscle gainer was designed for the individual that really struggles when it comes to building muscle and adding bulk to their bodies.
It boasts with 80g of protein and a 1000 calories when it’s mixed with 2 cups of skim milk.
Mass- tech is a high-protein, delicious product that will help you gain weight and build muscle, all you have to do is add your explosive workouts.

  1. Dymatize – ELITE MASS

This powerful Hi-Protein anabolic gainer was tailor-made to provide the correct formula for adding lean muscle and bulk, so you can become the beast you’ve always wanted to be.
This one is for those hardcore athletes who go all out at the gym and need that extra bit of help to bulk up.
With 600 calories, 55 grams of protein, sustained release protein matrix, complex carb matrix, creatine fusion, branch chain amino acid blend, and anabolic lipid complex in each serving, it still comes to less than 99% sugar-free.

  1. Gaspari Nutrition – REAL MASS ADVANCED

Building muscle isn’t such an easy feat, and when you want to become a certain size you have to take in a lot more calories than what you burn. This can become difficult for high-performance athletes, bodybuilders and even those regular gym goers who go all out at the gym every day.
In order to build muscle and mass, you need to consume a certain amount of protein, carbs and fats. When adding weight-gain supplements you will be doing exactly that.
Caspari’s Nutrition – Real Mass Advanced has a 1000 calories with 47 grams of protein, creatine, BCAAS and highly branched cyclic dextrin. This supplement can be taken pre-workout or post-workout and even as a daily meal replacement.
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