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Some Contact Sports to Get Your Kids into This Winter

Contact sports are a great way for your children to lead active healthy lifestyles, whilst learning valuable life skills. Contact sports such as boxing and karate teach children to be disciplined – something that all our kids need from time to time!
Contacts sports have been shown to reduce the chances of obesity, improve self-image, lets kids learn the value of hard work and how to be a leader – just to name a few benefits of taking them up. Some contact sports such as boxing have many positive effects on a child’s well-being. The discipline and training that needs to be taught before the child is even allowed to spar will give them valuable life skills.
But I hear you saying “What about the injuries”? Injuries in contact sports, particularly in young children are low. Besides – they are young and tough and will always bounce back. That’s not to say that you should you should not teach them to minimise the risk of injury. There are a number of contact sports out there so you’ll have to have a think about which one will be best suited to your child. This post will give you some idea of the sports out there so you can decide which one will be their best bet.


The age-old sport of boxing. Boxing is a great sport for cardiovascular fitness and strengthening. It’s a winning activity to get your child into as it will teach them fitness and how to think on their feet. It’s relatively low cost and is available around Australia. The training involved will teach your child the value of hard work and problem solving on the fly. All you need to get started is a pair of bag mitts and some decent footwear and you’re ready to go. So if you think your kid is the next Mike Tyson or Jeff Fenech contact your local boxing club for information on how they can get started.


MMA or mixed martial arts is a fighting sport that has gained huge popularity over the past the 10 years and the momentum keeps building with high profile stars such as Connor McGregor making headlines every second week. The sports involve various fighting styles, such as boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, and kickboxing and will teach your children multiple martial arts all under the one roof. The technical nature of the sport will teach your kid some valuable life skills such as self-defense and how to react quickly as well as a stringent fitness regime.


Kickboxing is a great sport for people of all ages whether you aspire to get in the ring or are just doing it for fitness. The extensive training provided will ensure that your child is ready when it comes to sparring and with all the protective gear available, the chance of injury is slight. All you need to get started are some bag mitts and your local club should supply the rest of the gear. It’s a cheap and fun sport to get into while keeping your kids fit and healthy.

Rugby League

The first of the team sports. Rugby League is a great sport for your children as it will teach them to work as a team and the mates on your footy team will usually be mates for life. Nearly every town has a footy team so it’s easily accessible to everyone and relatively cheap to get started. All you need is some footy boots and some protective gear and you’re away. Contact your local team and find out more information.

Rugby Union

Rugby union is another great team sport for a child. It will build leadership and teamwork skills while providing them exercise in a fun environment. Rugby Union is widespread so it will be easy enough to get your kid involved at your local club.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is typically a female orientated sport but there are boy’s teams as well. It’s not huge in Australia yet but I think you should be able to find a team in your local area. If your kid has a penchant for fast-paced sports, roller derby may be the ticket. All that’s required is a pair of skates and some protective gear to get started and it is a fun way of burning calories. It’s also a great spectator sport and watching your kids weekend games will be fun for the whole family. Often they have bands playing at the games and the whole crowd gets involved.
So, no matter which contact sport your kids chooses, they will learn a lot of valuable life lessons while staying healthy and active. Sports are great for your kid’s health and well-being as well as their social life – because friends made on the field or in the dojo remain friends for life.
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