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Some of the More Meatier Pizza Toppings to Try

In spite of spring being around the corner, we still seek comfort in form of fireplaces, blankets, couches and, of course, food. The cooler temperatures and fewer daylight hours paired with more days spent indoors certainly have an effect on what we are hungry for. Hearty dishes such as pasta casseroles, feta stuffed meatballs and bowls packed with slow-cooked stews are usually what we are craving after we made it through another cold and rainy week.
If you have just gotten home and are looking to feast on some quick and tasty comfort food to get you through this cold and damp season, odds are you are reaching for your mobile phone and give your favourite pizza delivery service a call – and you are probably not feeling guilty about it. Pizza is perhaps one of the most iconic comfort foods in cold times and there are a few topping combinations, which are so everlasting good they should be on every menu. Read on to find out about the best meaty pizza toppings before you place your order at your favourite pizza store.

Spicy Lamb

This lamb pizza with baby spinach and fresh zesty lemon is a homage to Lahmacun, the Middle Eastern flatbread. This crust features homemade pizza sauce, delicious spicy lamb, Spanish onions, jalapenos and is topped with Greek yoghurt to take away some of the spice and a pleasant surprise of different texture.

Bubba Deluxe

For somebody who can’t live without seafood until the BBQ comes out, this is the perfect blend of flavours for you. Topped with hot salami, tiger prawns, smoked ham, creamy feta cheese and Kalamata olives and fresh herbs and lemon for a Mediterranean twist, this pie is sure to warm your belly and your heart.

Meat Deluxe

As the name implies, this pizza is generously topped with a blend of several delicious types of meat. The pizza comes with a BBQ base, featuring smoked ham, hot salami, spiced beef and last but not least cracking bacon strips. This pizza surely is a must try for meat lovers.


For some authentic Mexican flavour other than your hearty bowl of Chilli con Carne, try this delicious pizza topping combination of smoked ham, hot salami, red capsicum, Kalamata olives, jalapenos and if you like some extra spice ask for chilli flakes.


Meatlovers is probably the hero of iconic meaty pizzas as the super savoury crust holds many different kinds of meat. Loaded with ham, hot salami, bacon and deliciously spiced beef all served on a BBQ base, this pizza out-tops itself.

Porco Pazzo

There are no veggies on this pizza but we take a meat lover won’t mind when he takes his first bite of this gourmet crust featuring tender, slow-roasted Porchetta, crispy strips of bacon and zesty Soppressata salami layered on homemade tomato sauce.

The All-Star

The all-star is the perfect choice for a night in with your mates! This heavenly pie is topped with tender grilled chicken breast, crispy strips of bacon and spicy capsicum layered atop the classic tomato sauce.

Meat Supreme

When it comes to meaty toppings, this pizza really has it all. Piled on a classic mozzarella base, this crust features succulent zesty hot salami, crunchy bacon strips, flavourful minced beef finished off with spicy Italian sausage.
If you happen to read this post on your way home from work remember, a piping hot slice of pizza can not only warm the belly but the hands while you are waiting for the bus or train. Thus, find the nearest pizza joint and order a slice of cheesy gooey heaven to comfort your heart and soul.
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