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Some Stylish and Secure Fencing Options for Your Business

When you’re talking about the façade of your business, you want to make it look appealing, even when you’re not even open. This ensures that your current customers still think your business looks great, and potential customers walking or driving by will be drawn to your business rather than repelled by it. However, you still want your business front to be secure. So, how can your turn your business into Fort Knox without having it look like an actual prison? Well, one of the options you have available is to install a stylish but secure property fence.
Security fencing doesn’t have to be dull and boring. It should serve as a deterrent to get closer to your business but not look nasty and ugly. Most security fences are comprised of thin upright aluminium posts, spaced around 20cm or so apart. These are arranged in sections and reinforced by thicker vertical sections, as well as top and bottom horizontal bars for each section.
The height of the fence depends very much on how you would like the profile of your business to appear. The higher the fence, the less attractive it can look to the outside world. It creates an image that you want to keep people out – which you do, but you don’t want it to look that way.
So, how can you both have a higher fence as well as an attractive fence, too? Well, one way to go is to put in a shorter concrete fence that is topped by a security aluminium fence. You can then get the height that you need, while your fence still looks attractive. The height of your concrete walling is really up to you – however you should take steps to ensure that the concrete walling itself is attractive. This means rendering with a matching coat of paint or tuck pointing (if you decide to go for brickwork) nicely – to make sure that it has a stylish look to it.
You might be wondering, “Well, if I add a concrete wall to it, then people will be just able to climb over the top”. Technically, this could be completely true. It also depends a lot on the caps that you have on top of your aluminium posts.
You can choose to cap your security fence posts with a range of option. They can be square caps, rounded caps, or even spiked caps. Spiked caps are the best deterrents to people climbing over the fence. There are also plenty of different spiked cap designs that you can take a look at. Some look like a spade, whereas some look more like just a simple triangle.
The other thing to think about is the colour that you want your fence to be. If you’re going for style, then make sure to carefully consider colour. The least obtrusive security fences are often painted (generally Powder coated, or in Colorbond colours already on the aluminium, actually) in a light neutral colour like a sand or beige colour.
Getting your business’s security fence just right is something that few businesses think about properly. Without a visually appealing security fence, your business can look dull, lifeless, and unapproachable – something that you really want to avoid at all costs!
Don’t just go for the cheap option. A security fence will last many years so get it right by thinking about style – as well as security. Look for a company that offers plenty of options when it comes to security fencing so you can lock down a design that is both style and substance at the same time. You owe it to your business to get it right.