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Spring Is A Great Time To Install Your Water Tank

What is the best time to install your water tank? This is a question that most home owners have when it comes to installing a water collection unit. Although some people have been known to make these installations in the summer, spring is definitely the best time to put in a water tank. This is especially true of underground water tanks, since a lot of digging is involved in the process. With above ground tanks, you are likely to do some digging in order to construct the tank foundation, but not anywhere near the levels of work involved with underground concrete tanks for instance.
There are several reasons you should schedule your tank installation for spring, and to help convince you, we have come up with a few of those.

It gives your home time to recover

Considering the amount of work required, a tank installation will definitely leave a lot of upheaval in your home. The lawn will be torn apart and dug out, there will be concrete mix everywhere. It also takes quite a while to put one in, especially when dealing with the underground tanks that are made of concrete.  By putting in your tank in the springtime, it gives you time to repair your lawn for instance. Think about it this way; installing a 10,000 litre water tank underground is going to take time, labour, and involve a lot of excavation. If this is done in the spring, you have enough time to replant grass or lay a driveway of your choice. The grass will have time to grow back as well. The installation of gutters and drain pipes will also be complete in time for you to have a working water catchment system in time for the rains. You get to finish all this together with other routine household repairs that are carried out after the winter, including heater cleaning, spring cleaning, and any repairs to the roof. In fact, in a few short weeks, no one will be able to tell that you have done some tank installation work recently.

Try and avoid the other seasons

Carrying out such intensive work during the other seasons brings with it challenges that could well be avoided with proper planning and carrying out installations in the spring. To begin with, the summer sun will make it a lot harder for the labourers. The temperatures are punishing for intensive outside work and honestly, you would rather be somewhere else. Autumn brings with it temperature changes, especially when winter is close, and some of the work could carry well into the winter. Winter on the other hand comes with cold temperatures, and the rain which you ate trying to harvest. It is therefore easier to carry out all the work early in the year, then patiently wait for the rains to begin, knowing fully well that you are well prepared for them.

You have the perfect working conditions

In the springtime, conditions are perfect for installing water tanks. The ground is firm yet with enough moisture to make excavation easy. This means that you can ensure that the foundation for the tank is firm and secure. When dealing with underground water tanks, with the near perfect soil conditions of the springtime, you can properly secure the tank to the foundation. This will limit tank movement later or what is called tank floating. When backfilling the hole, you are able to spot and remove anything that could be detrimental to your tank, such as sharp stones, rocks, and other abrasive material. This will prolong the life of your tank in the long run. Making your tank installation early will also give the ground time to settle, before you can make additions to it, such as planting grass or adding a driveway. If this is done before the tank is completely settled, there are chances that the above ground work could destabilise the soil around the tank, which encourages tank floating. Finally, tank installation companies have a more flexible schedule around this time, which is reflected in both the quoted prices and the quality of work done.
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