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Surprise Your Partner with a Mobile Car Wash

The best thing about the weekend is having a little bit of time to spend on doing the things you love. Saturday for me is about getting those little jobs done around the house, like catching up on laundry, cleaning the house a bit more – because during the week there is no time for anything. Saturday night is all about getting dressed up to enjoy a night out socialising. Sunday mornings are for sleeping in and taking the day at the slowest possible pace. There’s no way I’m going to do anything remotely associated with a chore on Sunday (at least I aim for that) – this is the little routine I have going on at the moment.
But it’s not always been like this. It’s taken me a long to slow my weekends down. When I was younger I would try to cram more and more things into my weekends. Until of course, I started feeling ‘stressed’.
It’s no surprise then when you hear that Australians are suffering from a busyness epidemic. Not only are we souped-up busy during the week but it can spill over into the weekends – and that’s where the problem lies. Endless-to-do’s are affecting our health in many ways and it’s causing us to feel stressed. Everybody knows that stress can impact on our sleep, but did you know that it can also impact your relationships as well? Feeling stressed can cause you to become irritable with loved ones or even with your colleagues. There is a solution, and it involves you taking part in that old tradition of rest and relaxation.
Many people find driving their cars relaxing, after all what could be better than cruising around in  your wheels? People have an emotional connection to their cars. Car ownership rates have been on the increase since the 1950s. Cars offer personal mobility and flexibility making them extremely popular with Australians. Increasingly people are buying new cars because your car can say so much about you. Think about the image of a SUV urban jungle mum or the mid-life crisis sports car.
They say doing something for somebody else can make us feel better. So with that in mind, here is a solution to quash two problems simultaneously; the lack of time we all face and loving your car. Why not surprise your partner with a mobile car wash? Your partner will love you for it. Time is precious, so why not spend the time you would have spent washing your car and instead do something like, oh I don’t know – maybe put your feet up and relax? Who wants to spend a couple of hours over the weekend washing their car, when you could be relaxing (having a dirty car adds more stress to our lives because the dirt on the car is a reminder that another job needs doing). Using a mobile car wash service that comes to you is even better because then you don’t even have to leave your house. Bingo!
Treating your partner with a mobile car wash will be the ultimate gift. Your loved one doesn’t even have to leave their house or join any queues and waste their time going through a drive-through car wash. And it’s the best way to say ‘I love you’ because you know how much they love their car. Whether its a basic detail or a deluxe car makeover, it’s a surprise gift that not many people think of. Afterall, keeping your car looking good (and sparkling clean) shouldn’t burden you.
So go on, and try something new to save your next weekend from excessive busyness and surprise someone you love.
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