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The Advantages of Wooden Flooring

The popularity of wooden flooring is increasing, and rightly so. In addition to giving the space a sense of permanence and a touch of elegance, it comes with many other advantages over other types of flooring.
The following are the benefits of having a wooden floor installed in your space.


Wooden floors can withstand high volumes of traffic because of their natural toughness. They tend to wear out slower than other types of floors, meaning that they don’t need frequent replacement. A wooden floor can last a lifetime if it is well maintained.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Compared to other flooring materials, wood is perhaps the easiest to clean. For instance, you require less effort to wipe off a stain from a wooden floor than you would need to clean a carpeted floor.
Wooden floors are also better hygienically.  It is difficult for mould, pests, and other allergens to thrive on wood. This makes such floors ideal for keeping pets and for people suffering from various allergies. Carpets may also trap unpleasant smells, whereas wood usually generates a delightful aroma when polished.


Traditionally, wooden floors were associated with the wealthy. This is no longer the case. Advancements in technology have made it possible to produce wooden floorboards that are available at affordable prices.


If you opt for a wooden floor, you will have access to a wide assortment of designs and finishes. Wooden floors also make it easier to install underfloor heating which is gaining popularity in modern homes.


Another advantage of wooden floors is their timeless appeal. Unlike carpets, tiles, and linoleum, wood doesn’t go in and out of fashion. A testament to this is the long time in which wooden floors have graced homes. Also, you can easily refresh the appearance of a wooden floor after years of use by simply sanding and sealing.


Wood requires less energy to process than other popular flooring materials such as tiles. This translates into lower carbon emissions, which contributes to environmental conservation. Also, most of the timber used in making such floors is sourced from carefully managed forests.
Furthermore, wood decomposes naturally when disposed of correctly. Other materials such as tiles and vinyl take time to decompose and thereby pose a danger to the environment.


According to real estate agents, properties that have wooden floors sell twice as faster than houses with other types of flooring. This shows that wooden flooring increases the value of your house as well as its appeal to potential customers.

Elevates Moods

You might find this surprising, but several expert studies have discovered that wood can elevate your mood by suppressing stressful emotions. It also contributes to overall wellness by regulating heart rate and reducing blood pressure.

Comfort and Warmth

Stone and tile floors might be as easy to clean as wood, but the latter is better because it offers natural warmth and comfort.


As mentioned earlier, a properly maintained wooden floor can last for over 100 years. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacements after the first installment. The initial costs might be expensive than carpets and linoleum, but the longevity of wood means that it is the most cost-effective type of flooring available in the market.
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