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The Most Commonly Requested Spare Parts for Nissan Trucks

One of the most common factors that make a buyer choose one brand over another, besides personal loyalties, is the cost and availability of spare parts. Modern design, manufacture, and vehicle assembly technology has reduced the performance edge that most truck manufacturers had in the past. As such, most vehicles that fall into the same price range generally have the same performance with small variations. For this reason, once you have settled on a buying price, the choice of one truck manufacturer over another is most often based on operation and maintenance regimes.
Nissan Trucks – like a number of Japanese vehicles – are preferred over other trucks due to the accessibility and interchange-ability of parts among Nissan models. These Japanese trucks are also popular because there is a large supply of aftermarket parts. This makes it possible to buy parts at cheaper and negotiable prices, and saves you from the downtime spent waiting for factory-ordered parts to be delivered to your corner of the globe. In recent years, Nissan has adopted a strategy to standardise its spare parts between models thus making parts more readily available and affordable. Here’s a list of some common spare parts used in Nissan trucks.
Filters, like paper cups, are basically designed for disposal. They act as a shield protecting other more expensive parts from damage due to pollutants, granules of dirt and foreign objects among others. Anyone who has ever owned a car can tell you that the most common part to replace is the oil filter. This is done at every basic service done after 3,000 to 10,000 Km based on the quality of the oil filters and engine oil used. Apart from the oil filter, Nissan Trucks also have fuel filters that prevent the fuel pump from clogging.
Vehicle batteries have been known to die without warning especially in off road locations. It is good to develop a practice of checking your engine frequently. Whenever you go to see the mechanic, make sure he checks your batteries as well. A simple activity of filling the battery with distilled water will save you the cost of buying a new one.
All vehicle parts are susceptible to wear and tear and have a predefined lifetime. Nevertheless, the clutch is one part that often needs replacement before its designated time. This is because wear and tear of the clutch is greatly affected by the driving style. Smooth rapid gear changes and keeping your foot off the clutch, for example can considerably reduce the need for replacement.
Fly Wheel
The fly wheel failure is often mistaken for clutch damage and it is advisable to replace them together. This is because a faulty fly wheel can destroy a new clutch and vice versa. Since they work together, the best way to prolong the life of the flywheel is to take good care of the clutch.
You know you need to change your brakes when you have to apply more effort on the pedal to bring the Nissan truck to a stop. Screeching and slipping is also a good indicator that it’s time to swap out the brake pads. It is important to attend to this challenge quickly because driving with faulty brakes is not safe and puts many other road users in danger.
When the alternator is not working well, the battery does not charge efficiently and all the electrical components in the Nissan truck appear to be faulty. The dashboard lights go dim and the other lights could flicker. Alternators generally have a fixed life span and the best thing is to replace it once it loses ability to charge the battery, before it causes further electrical damage to the truck.
Timing Belt
This is the rubber belt that synchronises the rotation of the cam and crankshaft as well as the opening and closing of valves in the engine. With time, the timing belt hardens, cracks, and eventually breaks. Regular inspection of this belt will help you to notice and replace it before it breaks thus avoiding major damage to the inner parts of your engine.
In general, all moving parts will need to be serviced or replaced during the lifetime of the Nissan Truck. It’s the owner or fleet manager’s responsibility, but as the driver who engages the vehicle more consistently and intimately, you’re better placed to monitor the condition of your truck parts, preventing unnecessary damage.
Once any part starts making strange noises or rattling, or if the truck is not performing the way it usually does, contact your mechanic. Most trucks breakdown or and need expensive repairs because the owners ignored the warning signs or waited too long to have the truck checked. Identify a good garage with honest mechanics that are capable of handling your maintenance requirements.
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