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The sleekest leather lounges this year

Nothing screams sophistication like a leather lounge set, especially if it’s sleek and perfectly blends in with the room you chose to put it in. There are so many beautiful options out there that it can be difficult to find precisely what you’re looking for.
The one thing you can’t skimp on when buying furniture is quality and the thing with leather is that it lasts a very long time if you take care of it. If you have dogs the hair won’t cling to it and if you have kids they’ll enjoy plopping down after a long day at school. And by the time you get home from work, you’ll be glad you opted for one of these sets that we’re going to mention.


This gorgeous lounge set is Italian craftsmanship personified. It is an award-winning set that is elegant and versatile.
Made in Italy, it features sleek minimalist lines and a low back with unique stitching details. The headrests are adjustable and supported by a metal base. Luxuriously padded this sleek lounge set will beg to be sat or lain on after a hard day at work.


This is a best seller and it’s easy to see why hands down the most beautiful and interesting looking sleek lounge set we came upon.
100% made and designed in Italy the Joker set is unique, functional and versatile. The lines are elegantly proportioned with small pretty details that give the lounge a contemporary style and look. It comes in a large variety of compositions that are easily crafted and designed to work for any room that you have in mind.


Made for the modern home in mind the Kennedy is an absolute showstopper when it comes to sleek lounge sets. It’s minimalist, ergonomic and very versatile. It has beautiful stitching along the lounge that brings in a very sleek and modern look that you won’t just find anywhere else.
The headrest is adjustable and can be set to different heights. It has large wide seating and space doesn’t feel cramped or small, you can literally put your feet up and spend some real quality time with your family when you come home from work.

Colorado Chaise Suite

The Colorado Chaise Suite was made for those who seek out complete comfort and versatility. It’s made from top-class leather and timber. The foam cushioning has elastic webbing and high-density foam making it an absolute treat to sit on.

Palais Chaise Suite

The Palais Chaise Suite has super comfy seating, sleek and very modern-looking. The high seat back has a lumbar support cushion making it ergonomically perfect for anyone who might have some back issues. S not only does it look great but it actually does a lot more than just offer a place to sit or lie down.
The suite is curved beautifully that continues into the rest of the design like the timber legs. It also has a 2 and 3 seater sofa and ottoman that’s available in the same design.


Sophisticated and sleek the Zabina lounge is perfect for the smaller lounge or office space where you need a place to put up your feet.
It has two separate reclining motions for the legs as well as the headrest, so both do not need to be reclined at the same time. The Zabina also has a USB port for any device that needs to be charged while you’re enjoying a movie and waiting for a text from a loved one or friend.
Whatever your needs there is a sleek lounge set out there for you. With so many different choices it can be difficult to decide on which one will be the perfect fit for you, literally. So get out there and go sit on a few sets and see what it is you want and don’t want. You’re bound to find the right addition to your home!
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