Varun Rana Posted on 8:40 am

Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Gift Hampers

One of the most delightful experiences in life is the birth of a baby. This excitement is not limited to the parents but extends to family and friends as well. Upon hearing that your family member, friend, or co-worker has just had a baby, your first thought is to visit and congratulate them. But you can’t go empty-handed. So, your next idea is, ‘A baby gift hamper would be nice.’

Although you’ve figured out that you want to buy a gift hamper, the ocean of options you’ve found online leaves you wondering where to start. Baby gift hampers come in all colors, shapes, types, and sizes. So, which one will be best? Some pointers to guide you with your gift hamper purchase include;


Practical baby gift hampers are the safest option. They are the kind of hampers that soon-to-be or new parents will receive happily without question. You won’t have to worry about whether they will need it or even like it. Practical gift hampers include items that every baby needs in large supply, like diapers, wipes, bandana bibs, washcloths, soap, and lotion. These are all items the parents will find useful and necessary.

Boy or Girl?

A growing number of parents nowadays don’t subscribe to gender-specific clothing for their babies. However, some mommies and daddies still want to see their princesses in pink and their little princes in blue. For a newborn or an unborn baby whose parents have disclosed the sex, you can buy the little prince hamper, which contains blue pre-walker shoes, a white cotton grow suit and tissue all wrapped in a luxurious gift box.  Alternatively, you can go for a pink-themed hamper like the Cuddle Me – Pink which contains Alimrose Designs Knit Bunnies and Dots Stroller Blanket Pink, Wildwood Kids Heart Teether in Pink, a Jellycat Bashful Bunny and yummy baby chocolates. If you don’t know their sex, opt for gender-neutral colours like white, yellow, orange, and green.


Picking a themed hamper saves you time. Several baby gift hampers are typically arranged with a theme in mind. For example, it could be a body care theme that includes baby oil, lotion, soap, washcloths, a hairbrush, and a towel. A bedding theme would consist of crib sheets with cute and fun prints, blanket, crib bumper, a quilt, and a stuffed toy. It could also be a clothing hamper with socks, bodysuits, beanie hats, onesies, mittens, and sweater. Simply pick one theme and buy the hamper.

Personalised Hamper

The beauty of baby gift hampers is that you can make a personalised order for the gifts you want to be included in the hamper. There’s no harm in asking the new parents what they need for their baby. They will be grateful you took the time to find out what they need. wwAlso, it saves you from buying gifts that they already have or that they will never use. Your provider will professionally arrange these chosen items into a lovely, presentable hamper.

Organic Products

Are the parents environmentally conscious, health-conscious, or vegan? A quick check online will show you that the market has grown to include organic and eco-friendly baby items. These include natural baby shampoos and lotions, organic clothes, gentle and eco-friendly baby diapers and wipes, and organic baby food.The new parents will appreciate your consideration of their baby’s health.


Gifting the parents of a newborn means that you’re supporting them, celebrating with them, and sharing in their joy. Don’t randomly choose a gift hamper for the sake of it. Your gift says a lot about you and the message you’re sending to the new parents. These pointers will help you to consider the perfect baby gift hamper carefully.