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Things You should never do in a fitness class.

It’s your workout. Your Body. Your time. You own it. May it be your alone sweating hard or you are taking a group fitness class with a dream of becoming great, there are few No-Nos that govern the whole fitness routine.
Many Fitness Classes are offering a variety of Cardio, Strength and Yoga classes for different age categories, serving Individual fitness lovers while facilitating group fitness classes.
Below guideline stands as guidance to avoid the type of behaviours that can make you and others uncomfortable.

1)    Being Too Loud or talkative

What is the point of being in a fitness class when you cannot hear the instructor over someone chatting? You are not only interrupting your routine and breathing pattern, you are obstructing others and the trainer’s routine too. It is one of the main hindrances for anyone who wants to get in shape. If still, you can fight the temptation of urging to have a chat with your friend, then avoid it by splitting up and going to a corner without disturbing your classmates.

2)    Follow your schedule

It’s true not everyone’s made similar, but your instructor most likely knows what’s right and what to avoid when conducting a group fitness class. If you struggle and it appears that you need a modification to the schedule, your instructor will step in to provide a change or an alternative. The last thing your instructor wants is to compete with your schedule and get distracted. Remember time is crucial for you and everyone around.

3)    Inappropriate Attire

Most of the fitness Centers have a code of ethics and a Dress code specified. If you don’t know or aren’t sure with the correct dress code, better ask and be clarified. Also, try your outfit at home before putting it to action. It can be embarrassing to have openings every time you bend and stretch.

4)    Mobile Phone Etiquette

It is rude and disturbing to get calls and messages with continuous beeping from your phone. If it’s an urgent and vital call, then put your phone on vibrant mode and find a remote space to talk without disturbing the whole class.

5)    Leave Sweat Spots

Unless you play at your exclusive home gym, machines and resources at fitness centers hosting group fitness classes are shared and must be kept clean for the next persons use. No one wants to be drowning in your sweat just like you wouldn’t want anyone else’s sweat on you. A clean towel and mats are a must have for fitness sessions.
Fitness classes can be so much fun if we all follow the rules, the same ethics apply to the gym, keep it clean and have a great workout!
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