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Tips for a successful exhibition

When planning an exhibition, there are a few things to keep in mind. You cannot just pitch up at an expo or trade fair with a few posters and smile, expecting it to be successful. You need a way of putting your business out there in a professional manner and catch the attention of potential clients.
Here are a few tips for a successful exhibition:

1.  What are you showcasing?

You cannot go to an expo or trade fair without knowing what exactly it is that you will be advertising. Does your business provide a service or a product? Perhaps it is both. Planning on how you will be selling your exhibit is paramount to it being a success. Think of how you will display your service or product. Will it be colourful, or will you go for a more muted approach? All these factors come into play when planning a successful exhibition.

 2.  Research

Researching how similar companies have marketed their services and products can give you an idea of what to do. Search for successful exhibitions and those that were extremely popular compared to other exhibits who perhaps only attracted a few customers or potential clients.

3. Advertising

It is not enough to just show up at the expo and set up your exhibit. Well before the actual day, you should be putting out the word that you will be exhibiting your service or products, where and when as well. How can people come and see what you have to offer without knowing that you are even planning on having an exhibit? By putting the word out, you will attract a lot of more potential customers or clients on the day then if you didn’t.
One of the best ways to put the word out is by using social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to advertise your upcoming exhibition. Ask colleagues to share it as well. That way it will spread a lot further then if you just posted it once or twice.

4.  Interaction

Most people prefer taking part in something. If you add an element of interaction to your exhibit it will attract more people, as people are curious beings. Competitions are a great way to garner more attention from those passing by. Everyone loves the prospect of winning something, and you will also get the chance to tell them about your service or product.

5.  The Right Advertising

If you’re planning on only using a few posters and brochures, then you’re going to be in for a bad time and a long day. Consider using professionally made banners, floor stickers, and even flags. Using more than one type of advertising tool shows professionalism and innovation. It shows that you believe in your service or product enough to put it out there.
Planning a successful exhibition doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If planning correctly, it can go smoothly and be a real success. Especially if you give the people something that they want or need.
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