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Tips for Designing Your Commercial Pool

No matter if the beach is within walking distance, people of all ages enjoy a fantastic pool without a doubt. Hence if you are the lucky owner of a commercial real estate, investing in a pool is sure to increase the value of the business. But before you go too much into detail fantasising about your property featuring an oasis with infinity edge and Italian tiles, here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your commercial pool for your guests to take a splash.

Where to place the pool

One of the most important things you have to think about when designing your commercial pool is its position on the property. The best area to place a pool is an area, which won’t section off a large garden space but is close or even adjacent to the main building so your guests can be looked after and feel safe when in the water. Depending on the property size available, keep in mind that you don’t need full perimeter access to the pool, as single or double entrance is usually all that your guests require.

Material and aesthetics

You may consider playing around with different material when it comes to hard and soft finishes and take your landscaping right up to the edge of the pool to avoid it looking like a stone tomb. A landscape designer will help you work out ideas where to place plants and garden beds to break up the paving. Even though light colours are trendy, think twice before using light-paving products for your commercial pool as light material easily stains or discolours. Darker surface finishes can hide stains better. If you want to bring some light to the pool area, a nice colour combo is a fair pool interior and darker hued paving.

Design guidelines

Pool design is usually an extension of current buildings and if you have the luxury to place the oasis away from them, keep in mind that the design should fit to the existing architecture to make a nice overall appearance for your guests. The pool is the extension of your building, hence if your business is in a contemporary home, use the same straight lines and right-angle corners for your pool design. Pool access should always be located close to the main building for quick and easy transition and seamless use. For adult guests, the pool areas mostly used are usually the ones in shallow water so you want to make sure your pool offers enough Baja shelves and wide steps to sit on.

Design styles

There are a couple of key looks used when it comes to commercial pool design. The ‘retro’ pool appears very flat with usually no landscaping near it. The inside surface finish is typical of light colour and its shape simple and rectangular. This pool design is uncomplicated and perfect for a Baja shelf to be built in for lounging guests, as well as glamorous retro pool parties from the 1950ies.
Connecting the pool to the building using a bridge or walkway adds a resort-inspired appeal. The pool shape itself is clean and uncomplicated and usually designed to create a strong visual from the main area inside to the outdoor oasis. Surrounded by lots of alfresco spaces the resort-style pool often features dark water tiles to increase the focal point from the inside.
A traditional building demands an elegant and sophisticated outdoor area with a rectangular pool and natural stone slabs around it. Classic mosaic tiles will feature this popular setting and waterspouts and Roman stone figures add traditional detail and a touch of grandeur to this classic pool design.