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Tips for selecting the right natural stone for your renovation

Renovations are always tedious especially when you are spoilt for choice. From fittings to floor finishing a renovation process can mean an overhaul of your entire house. The process of renovating requires a lot of skilled manpower. You might need to call in a plumber, a mason, a carpenter and an interior designer to handle your house renovations. Before they pick up their tools and turn your living space into a dream home, your input is crucial. Your taste and personality need to be reflected in your house. The team might help you pick out some furniture, wall paints and other fittings. When it comes to choosing the right natural stone for your renovation, here are a few tips.
Choose a stone that is popular in the construction industry. Limestone tiles have been in the construction market for years. In Australia, limestone tiles have become a household name. Their polished surfaces and consistent quality give them the popularity and versatility that is unparalleled. Limestone tiles come in an attractive neutral cream colour with fossil fragment specks all over. They are fit for a variety of indoor spaces including showers, bathrooms and kitchens. The finishing of limestone varies greatly. Only your taste and personality will tell which finish makes it into your house.
Not only can limestone be used in indoor spaces but also in outdoor living spaces. In the outdoors your colour selection is limited. It’s prudent to go for low maintenance shades. Moreover, the surface has to give the tiles enough grip to prevent any accidents over wet floors. Limestone tiles are perfect for a contemporary interior. When coupled with a rustic finish you can pull off traditional outdoor designs. Polished limestone tiles are reflective and appear sleek. Such designs are good for countertops. This adds to the aesthetics of any kitchen space and brightens up any indoor space. It’s therefore not happenstance that limestone is used in countertops.
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Durability is another factor to consider when it comes to choosing the right natural stone for your renovation. If you haven’t tried granite, please do. Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic activity. It holds its place as a popular flooring choice because of its durability. Granite can withstand the outdoor weather, food, drinks and fancy barbeque. Despite all these, granite does not lose its shine, discolour or etch. It’s suited for prestigious entrances and areas that require a sophisticated ambience. Most bank entrances and lobbies use granite and this is precisely because of its durability. So if you are looking into doing your renovations without the worry of future repairs, go for granite. You will get durability and beauty all in one stone.
The perfect stone for renovations does not stain. Soapstone is a good alternative for both flooring and countertops in kitchens. Soapstone is metamorphic rock popular for its resistance to staining. It has a soft and soapy nature only unique to it hence the name soapstone. Soapstone comes in in many different shades and colours, ranging from dark grey to greenish grey with dramatic veining. The stone is resistant to heat and staining. Unfortunately, it can be injured rather easily. However, scratches can be sanded out with ease.
One downside of soapstone is that when left unsealed, fingerprints, oils and liquids darken the stone’s surface. Although they ultimately wash off, the spots can be bothersome. If you want to give your soapstone a dark glossy look just apply some mineral oil on it. However, to sustain the look, the application has to be frequent. Soapstone is certain to get hotter than other light-coloured materials because of its dark colour. This makes it problematic to use on hot, sunny days. In conclusion, soapstone is a durable and comparatively trouble-free surface.  With little room for staining it is ideal for both indoor spaces and outdoor use.
Looks can be deceiving but when it comes to marble tiles, what you see is what you get. This beautiful stylish stone bears the most important element to consider when it comes to choosing a natural stone for your renovation, looks. Marble is one of the most popular rocks in the market and marble tiles have earned their title as one of the most stylish flooring options for indoor spaces. Marble can instantly revamp the appearance of a living space giving it an aesthetic value that is unparalleled. Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colours and giving an endless variety of decorative schemes. The tiles can be cut into different shapes and sizes to create a complex mosaic piece installation. The sight of light bouncing off a marble floor is one of nature’s grand gifts. Although every stone is unique, you must choose the right stone for your renovation.
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