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Tips to Create the Perfect Guest Room

An exceptional guest room will make your home a favourite amongst your family and friends. There is nothing better than a comfortable and clean place to sleep when you are away from home. Most guest rooms are used as an extra storage space, at least when there are no guests around. In this piece, we shall detail tips you can use to create the perfect guest room.

1. Get a Great Mattress

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep than a worn-out mattress. Your guests will keep twisting and turning all night long as they try to get a comfortable spot. To avoid this and the eventual embarrassment, ensure you buy a new state of the art mattress. As technology has improved, so has mattress technology, ditch the 90’s mattresses, and get something more recent. Today’s mattresses are more durable and ensure that users get a restful sleep.

2. Buy High-Quality Beddings

The practice in most homes is to take used linens to the guest room as soon as they replace them with new ones from their bed.

Choose an excellent fabric for your beddings that is soft and easy to wash. You can keep extra blankets for those cold nights for guests who might not be accustomed to your environment. There is nothing worse than spending a cold night away from home. Avoid turning your guest’s sleepover into a nightmare.

3. Create Plenty of Space

Whenever guests come over, they usually come with luggage depending on the length of their stay. Most guest rooms are often full of unnecessary items, leaving guests with minimal room to manoeuvre through. Arrange the room adequately, allowing your guests with enough space for their luggage. Ensure there are enough hangers and ample space in the wardrobe, as well as, enough empty drawers they can make use of.

4. Include Bathroom Essentials

The last thing you want to do as a guest is to ask your host for bathroom essentials. To avoid this scenario, provide your guests with a neatly folded towel on their bed. The same way you provide them with quality bedding should also apply here. Choose soft towels that quickly absorb water. Other things to include in the bathroom essentials are conditioners, toothpaste, shampoo, dental floss as well as an excellent moisturizer.

5. Provide Some Privacy

Staying in someone’s home, especially if it is a large family, can provide room for many awkward moments. To minimize this, make sure you make the guestroom as a self-contained as possible. Having mirrors in the rooms design and perhaps a bathroom will avoid embarrassing occurrences.

6. Make Your Guest Room a Homely One

Nothing makes a guest more comfortable than finding a room that makes them feel as if they are in their place back home. To do this, try include items or essentials you have in your bedroom, but now in the guest room.

Have some photos or paintings on the wall, provide your guests with reading material like books and magazines. All these will contribute towards making your guests have a homely experience.


With these tips, we believe that you will be in a great position to provide your guests with a beautiful experience as they visit your home. Your house will be a favourite for many!

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