types of banner for business promotion
Pankaj Kumar Posted on 5:07 am

Types of Banner stands for your marketing needs

If you are looking to market your products or services while on the move, banners are the way to go. They are the perfect portable display. When it comes to banner stands there is no limit to the application. Different industries use banners for different purposes. The banners come in various styles. There is no limit to the size, shape and fixtures that come with the banners. When selecting a banner it’s important to go for one that is certain to serve your needs. Here are some of the selections available for banner stands.

Retractable banners

One of the most popular banner styles is the retractable banner stand. You cannot miss the banner in a convention or expo. The banner works like an old fashioned window shade. The cartridge is loaded with the graphic that is pulled out during set up. The cartridge is spring-loaded hence the name retractable. The system is designed to make set up simple and fast. Retractable banners are popular for the following reasons.


Retractable banners are versatile. They come in different sizes ranging from small designs of 15” width to large 60” wide designs. The height is often adjustable depending on the supporting pole that comes with the stand. Nonetheless, there are retractable banners that come with fixed-sized stands. You can have designs on both sides of the banner and maximize the application.


Retractable banners are popular due to the unmatched convenience they offer. The banners are portable and easy to set up. You only need one person to set up and it takes a few seconds to put up the design. The banner also comes with a bag that allows it to be put away when not in use.

Telescopic banner stands

If you want a large banner that allows for size adjustment, the telescopic banner display is the best option. The banner allows expansion of the length and width with variation up to 120’’. If you want a larger display, you can attach two or more banner stands with connectors and cover a large wall. The beauty of a telescopic banner is the ability to adapt to your needs. Both the fabric and vinyl displays can go up on a telescopic banner and the application covers both indoor and outdoor spaces. Spring Back banners

Spring back banner display

Just like telescopic banners, x-style banners or spring back banners have no base. They are supported on a tripod-based structure. The banner stands on its own and offers a lightweight display solution. The main advantage of a spring back banner is being able to change out the graphics. You can reuse the frame and recycle prints. Unfortunately, spring back banners have a fixed size display. You can interchange the displays but you cannot alter the design. If you are looking for a banner that is simple and inexpensive, the spring back banner is what you need.

Billboard style banners

These are semi-portable displays designed for outdoor application. Billboard banners are common in outdoor events and field sidelines. The banners can take two 92×32 displays and are excellent for big print outs. In most matches, you will see billboard style banners used by team sponsors, vendors and companies running campaigns.

No matter your marketing or branding needs, you can never go wrong with a banner.