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Why an Airport Park and Fly Service is Best for Peace Of Mind

I travel for work a lot. I work away on the mines as a FIFO worker so it’s kind of the deal you get. I actually think it’s a great job and I love it, unlike some of the other blokes on site. You’d think that they’d got the rough end of the deal even though everyone’s sitting on some pretty good salaries if you ask for my opinion. Anyway, being a FIFO there was the hassle of getting to and from the airports – a monkey I had to get off my back and I did, with the help of a park and fly service.
I’m in and out of airports a lot and I rejoice the moment when I’m getting off the last plane, ready to go home to my family. I stroll out of the airport and the park and fly service is there waiting to take me to my own car so I can drive home. I don’t get to drive my car that often and relish the chance to do so. Driving home from the airport after a long work week away from home is a nice way to unwind. I turn on my favourite music and I leave stress behind. An old saying of mine is “Happiness is work in the rearview mirror”. And that’s exactly how I feel when I hit that highway on my way home after a flight.
But don’t get me wrong – that’s not the only reason I use the park and fly service. There are many added benefits beyond me getting to drive my own car home from the airport.
So, when the week starts, I drive my car to the airport and drop it off at the park and fly. The valet greets me with a smile and helps me with my bags. The service is second to none and I feel like a bit of superstar when I drop her off. As sad as it may be, but for a has-been rocker turned family man it feels pretty good – and good service is hard to come by these days. But when it does, you really appreciate it! I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because they take care of that for me. The parking is undercover too, so I don’t have to worry about my baby being out in the weather.
As soon as I leave her I know she’s in good hands. Kind of like she’s having a week away at the grandparents! Every couple of weeks I’ll treat her to a wax and polish which is all done onsite by the park and fly service.  I know she is going to be safe and sound because the place is fully gated with security cameras and on top of that they have 24/7 security patrols. There’s literally not a thing to worry about when I leave! Well, except for leaving my family – but that’s a given when you work away.
The last thing I need is to be worried about my car as well. Then I jump on the shuttle. I never have to wait around because they leave every few minutes and there hasn’t been one occasion when I’ve been waiting.
The more I use my park and fly service the more I get out of it. The frequent parker program is great. I get discounts all the time because I’m flying all the time. So I use these discounts to treat my baby to a wash and wax or cut polish. I even get exclusive discounts on my bill.
You may ask why I don’t just taxi or Uber. Well, I spend all week away from familiarity. Away from my home, away from my car, and away from family. So it’s nice to drive my car back to my home and my family. The cost is reasonable and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So when I get off that plane and jump into the transit bus back to my perfectly clean car, it’s a great feeling knowing I’m on my home to the welcome arms of my wife and children. The park and fly service has become part of my work family. We all know each other by name and we have become great friends. Like I said when you travel for work a lot, familiarity becomes something to cherish and to hold onto.