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Why DIY pest control is usually a waste of time

If termites, rodents, cockroaches, spiders or other common Australian household pests have invaded your home, you should give the residential pest control service a call. Setting out an ant trap by yourself is obviously not going to harm anyone, but despite tips to take pest treatment in your hand and DIY tutorials all over the internet, the use of toxic chemicals can be quite risky.
A lot of times residential pest control services get calls from homeowners who have tried DIY pest control but did not manage to extinct the problem. This is annoying as sometimes the remedies have been costly and applied over a certain time without result but a larger infestation.
There are some DIY projects you can carry out yourself when it comes to basic home repair but pest control should always be left to a professional. We have put together a couple of reasons why DIY pest control isn’t a good idea and usually a waste of time.
Performing pest management holds a safety risk if the chemicals are not stored away safely in places where children and pets are around. Especially family members who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma should be aware that handling pest control chemicals could come with major health concerns. Once a person is exposed to such chemicals there is the possibility of suffering headaches and breathing problems but severe side effects such as nervous system malfunction, reproductive problems and even cancer have occurred amongst homeowners who tried to manage the problem themselves. Harm can also be done to the neighbours if the chemicals used form a cloud and head in their direction because of wind change.
DIY pest control treatments might harm the environment as only professionals know how to mix and blend chemicals which enter the soil and later the sewage system. Thus, without even knowing your DIY project might cause great damage to the earth and plants on and around your property and harm the natural habitat.
Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult for the untrained eye to identify the pests that have attacked the property as insects and bugs might look similar and the wrong pest control treatment plan and chemical are chosen, making the whole effort a waste of time as the results are ineffective. A lot of DIY remedies state they will kill all types of household pests. But there are so many varieties of little creature out there and some may even be immune to the pesticide you purchased. A professional pest exterminator will have the knowledge, experience and chemical to find the right solution for the specific pest that has invaded your house to avoid further infestation.
One big misconception online media makes us believe in is that DIY pest control is cheaper. But as stated before, once chemicals are mixed the wrong way and applied, the first treatment might not be successful. Having to buy treatment after treatment can, therefore, lead to a big expense without the result of having gotten rid of your unwelcomed guests. It is also quite possible that even though the label of the pesticide promises 100% effectiveness, you don’t get chemicals at the shops powerful enough for pest control protection. And even though you understood how to use such pesticides, how do you know when and where to treat to get best results.
Termites such as the subterranean type will enter homes through tiny holes and you might be too inexperienced to detect their entrance hence the time spent on finding the spot and treating it several times to be effective might not be worth the time. As pest control treatment is a process and not just about setting a trap, bait or pesticide once there is a serious infestation or colony, it is best to leave the extinction to professionals to make sure the pests are forever gone.