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Why I Love Parking My Car at the Airport When I Travel

I travel a lot and I mean a lot, usually interstate flights at least two times a week. All my travel is work related unfortunately but I don’t mind too much because it changes things up a bit and makes life interesting. I work as a training coordinator in the corporate and I am constantly bouncing around from business to business teaching them how to be better at their job and showing them new strategies to implement.
It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but it keeps me busy and like I said before I get to travel. I’m not going to lie to you. I hate airports. To me, it’s just dead time or time I spend going through emails and catching up on work. The thing I hate about it most is the commute then having to go through the checkout procedure. I used to catch an uber to the airport until I discovered a park and fly service.
The thing is I travel for work so much that I don’t get to drive my brand new car as much as I would like. I just spent a wad on this brand new car that sits in the garage at home mostly collecting dust. And I do love a good drive. The airport is a good 1-hour drive from my house. So now that I use a park and fly service I get to drive my own car to the airport and back. You would not believe the pleasure this brings me. I cruise down the highway with the wind in my hair and Britney cranking from my Blaupunkt stereo. Yes, Britney. What can I say I’m a child form of 90’s and she had the most amazing pop songs before she went a bit crazy. But everyone has their moments. I too had a few meltdowns when I first started travelling for work. I would miss home and my cat and my car and wish that I could be home with them.
I still miss my cat, but I don’t miss my car anymore because I get to drive more not than I would if I wasn’t travelling all the time.
So yes I get to drive my car to and from the airport which suites me fine. The park and fly service that I use is amazing. I drive in and valet takes my keys and parks my car then they shuttle me over to the airport to check in. It’s so easy and convenient and I wouldn’t even consider doing it any other way.
When I return home one of the friendly staff is there to greet me and shuttle me off to my car. If I want to give my car a little TLC they do that as well. I’m serious this place provides detailing services which they will do while your away so that when you return your car is nice and shiny and the interior looks and smells like new.
My love for airports hasn’t changed. I don’t like them one little bit and I don’t think that will ever change. But the park and fly service has changed my life for the better. I get to spend more time in my beloved car and listen to favourite tunes while trying to sing at the top of my lungs with windows down. When I pull up to the traffic lights people often get a little startled when they see a middle-aged lady in a business singing hit me baby one more time at the top of her lungs. The park and fly service has made travelling that a little easier and I’ve noticed a change in my moods when traveling to and from the airport.
I literally can’t wait to get out of that airport and jump into my sparkling car and hit the highway all the way home to the open arms or paws of Mr. Dribbles. He is a rescue cat and had all his teeth removed because they were rotting and he dribbles a lot. Yeah, I know its original name.
Anyway back to the story at hand. If you do travel a lot I highly recommend the park and fly service for a number of reasons. The great service and the convenience of the whole set up are great. But for its all about driving to the airport with my music blaring, high on life and a love for good pop. And knowing that when I return my car will be spotlessly clean and ready and waiting to drive home, again with the music blaring from the stereo and me singing my heart out. So if like me you don’t get to drive your car enough because you travel too much for work. Try the park and fly service you won’t be disappointed.