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Why Queue, when a Car Detailer can Come to you

The busy streets of Wellington and Auckland have seen an influx of more cars over the past few years than ever before. The increased flow of traffic in the city has led to the accumulation and agitation of dirt in the cities. Abrasions from the course dirt as well as other vehicles and passersby also significantly affect your car’s glossy exterior. If you want to maintain your car’s youthful lustre and grace, you should have it detailed regularly. The basic car wash is no longer enough to keep your car looking spick and span.  Detailing a car restores its sheen and makes it look as good as new.

What is detailing a car?

Automobile detailing is a process in which your car is cleaned through and through to make it as good as new. If a standard car wash could be likened to taking a shower, then detailing your car could be likened to a full body scrub combined with a deep tissue massage.
Car detailing involves trained professionals washing the interior and exterior of your car by hand, making sure they don’t miss any spot while a standard car wash is done briskly with automated machinery. In full detail, the cleaners will get on their elbows and knees to wash your interior door panels, clean your door jambs, treat your door rubber and mud flaps as well as vacuum and shampoo your seats, carpets and boot. The attention that goes into detailing your car can only be achieved by a team of professionals.

Types of Detailing

There are several types of automobile details that are determined by your budget and purpose for the detail. If your children spilt milk on and under your leather seats, you definitely need a full detail with odour treatment. If, on the other hand, you are planning to sell your car, then a Pre-Sale detail is the best service for you. However, if you are interested in giving your car a face-lift and making it look as good as new, then you should consider a Cut & Polish detail.

Mobile Automobile Detailing

Market forces and modern lifestyle have meant that although many people would like to have their cars detailed for various reasons, very few have the time. An efficient car detailing service takes time; you cannot be in and out in fifteen minutes as is the case with a regular car wash. While some people have drivers who can take their car into the detailers for a full service, many others cannot afford that luxury. In order to capture this segment of the market, clever car detailers offer to come to you.
Modern car detailing companies have taken to the streets with specialized vehicles to do the job. Whether you are at work, home or away on vacation, your car can give your care all the TLC it needs. Moreover, you don’t need to give the car detailers access to your water or power mains because they come fully equipped with their own power and water in specialized trucks. Your car can get full detail without taking up any of your precious time.

What services can be a mobile car detail include

The car detailing teams are able to deliver a wide range of services at any location of your choice. The detailers can wash your car, paying attention to clean debris and remove stubborn stains by hand. Polishing with a high gloss finish and applying waxes to protect the car from fresh dirt and pollutants is the best way to wind up a basic car detailing job.
The best car detailing companies can offer a complete Cut and Polish or Paint Correction job at your doorstep. This service is very intricate and needs a high level of skill especially if done off-site. In summary, a ‘Cut and Polish’ Job involves the removal of layers of damaged paint and applying a seal to protect the underlying paint layers.


There are several advantages of using Mobile auto detailing services. It allows you to save time and it is very convenient for people with tight work schedules. By going out to find clients, car detailers have been able to boost their income significantly. The mobile automobile detailing system also gives the employees an opportunity to showcase their talents and customer care skills.

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