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Why We Are so Impacted by A Smile

It is in our nature that we all like to be around happy people and with the perfect smile, maybe you are the one folks get drawn to as well. The reason why we feel attracted to smiling people is not only because we instinctively want to interact with that person, but also hoping their happiness and positive mood might make us experience the same emotions, hence a smile can be contagious and might lighten up some other person’s mood as well. A big open smile not only signals friendliness but also makes you seem more approachable, thus, your smile can be your greatest gift to the world.
People, who smile often, are commonly satisfied with their life and find it easy to engage in social activities. As we usually smile at a positive situation, our muscles contract and reduce our stress level, which enables us to cope better with negative emotions since smiling increases endorphins in our body. Recent reports reveal that smiling people tend to be healthier and make the person even look a lot younger as the muscles used for smiling actually lift the face.
An attractive smile can be the best outfit you’re wearing and might open a lot of doors as it makes you look positive and confident in many life situations. Whether you need to ask a stranger for directions, have a job interview or simply smile at the barista when she hands you your morning coffee. When you smile, you’re viewed as attractive, reliable, relaxed, and sincere and people will treat you differently. Even in professional life, a nice natural smile can be persuading and it is proven that smiling people close more deals and sales, which can then lead to job promotions and other work offers. And the great thing is, that a smile is universal. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, maybe even a foreign country with unknown cultural habits, and language is a barrier, smile, as it means the same all over the world: a smile is the global sign of friendliness.
Suffice to say that if you don’t smile, you are maybe missing out on opportunities, as life could be less exciting and enjoyable due to the fact that people might hesitate to approach you. And since a smile can change your life, you should take proper care of the teeth you are showing. If you have to hide your smile because you’re not happy with your teeth and have to cover your mouth to hide them you may come across as insecure and unfriendly, which might have a negative impact on your social and professional environment.
If you are embarrassed to show your smile, you might even avoid eye contact and shy away from people. To prevent this from happening, make sure you practice oral hygiene regularly by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing them daily to prevent tooth decay. Also, an appointment at the dentist should be scheduled on an annual basis for a professional clean to prevent the build-up of plaque and to make sure there are no bigger dental problems before they become costlier and in the worst case even irreversible.
If you already have a problem with your teeth and are not confident enough to smile, consult an oral health professional. There are great dental solutions for you out there, ranging from invisible braces to straighten your teeth, restoring a chipped tooth and replacing missing ones by dental implants. The high-quality services a dental clinic offers are countless but will certainly give you a great new look to improve both, your smile and your life.