Why You Need a Solar Panel

Solar Panels are gaining popularity across the country with over 2 million homes now using solar energy.

Thanks to photovoltaic (PV) cells, solar panels can turn sunlight directly into electricity.

Several questions may arise when it comes to solar. The most common one, “Why do i need a solar panel?” There are several answers to this question. Below you will be able to find a number of reasons to get a solar panel and start harnessing the Sun’s energy.

Protect Your Environment

Every conventional method used in power generation either creates harmful emissions or modifies the environment in other ways. Solar power generation doesn’t produce a single molecule harmful to the environment.

Installing a solar panel on your roof is the first step towards a sustainable future. Experts often refer to solar technology as emission-free technology, no greenhouse gas emissions are released into the environment. Which is just another reason why solar is a sought after. 

Contribute to Grid Stability

Power blackouts and brownouts are common, especially when many people simultaneously use power in their homes. With a solar panel, you will turn your home into a small power plant. Even with the same power-spending habits, you will contribute to grid stability.

Your solar cells will produce a considerable portion of the power you regularly spend each month. You won’t cause any strain to the grid you are connected to even if you turn on some of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home.

Installing a Solar Panel Is an Investment

There are specific improvements in your home that can help you reduce some of your bills. Installing a solar panel is one of them. It will reduce your electricity bills significantly. Solar technology adopters say that installing a solar panel is a long-term investment and money well spent.

Should you install a solar panel, you will start saving money from your energy bill every month and it will  increase the value of your home.

It’s a Free Source of Energy

The Sun emits so much energy that we could never use it all. It will remain one of the few free sources of energy, and no one will be able to monopolise it at any point in the future.

By installing a solar panel, you will tap into a renewable and free source of energy.

Help Create Jobs and Promote Economic Growth

Installing a solar panel will also help your country’s economy. If you decide to install a solar panel, you will contribute to creating the need for companies that specialize in solar tech. You will help create more jobs for workers and promote economic growth in your region, and the country overall.

You will also help expand the solar panel installation market and contribute to its sustainability.

These are the most compelling reasons for installing a solar panel. A solar panel is an incredible investment which will end up saving you money in the long run and at the same time you will be using a  clean source of renewable energy

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There is no truly “renewable resources”. The wind-turbines and solar-panels are frequently called “renewable resources” and/or “renewables” yet much of the structure of the wind-turbines and basically the whole of solar panels isn’t actually “renewable” in any reasonable interpretation of the word.
Yes, we might say that sunlight and wind are, themselves, essentially renewed by nature. However the technology necessary to harvest the energy isn’t “renewable”.
The blades of wind-turbines are made out of either fibreglass or carbon-fibre. Neither can be recycled into new blades – so they are cut-up and buried (at best to become fill for say under a new road). So given wind-turbines last at-best 15 years (and one wonders whether the blades must be replaced during that lifespan) then new blades must be produced at minimum every 15 years and produced out of brand-new raw-materials. So wind-turbines are no-more sustainable than coal.
Solar panels aren’t (can’t be?) recycled plus they contain much in the way of materials that are toxic. So when they die and are buried the toxic materials will leach out into the ground and into our environment. Now soalr-panels seem to last about 10 years before the output starts dying away. So every 10 years we will have to de-install the old ones, bury them in a hole n the ground, and produce new ones out of brand-new raw-materials. So solar panels are no-more sustainable than coal either.
So one major reason that the supposed :”renewables” are demanded is that coal is a finite resource. Well the technology necessary to harvest the “renewables” is just as finite. So just what is the benefit of the supposedly “renewables”?

Zeljko Paroci you have taken the term renewable out of context in this instance. The term refers to the ability of the product to renew existing wind or UV radiation into another form of energy ie electricity.
You posed the question about any benefit from renewables, my solar reduces my spring/summer electricity account to zero. That’s the benefit.

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