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Why You Should Get a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

While there are many reasons why you should purchase or have a wood fired pizza oven made — the ability to reach very high temperatures, even heat distribution and a smoky flavour that only firewood can provide — perhaps the biggest reason why you should is because it gives you the opportunity to create an authentic Neapolitan pie, complete with all the culture and art that comes with it.

Apart from the reasons above, let us discuss why you should choose to have a wood fired oven to cook your pizza. Here are several important reasons why your pizza would come out a whole lot better if you bake it inside a wood-burning oven:

1) It gives you a sense of fulfillment

A different sense of joy envelops you the moment you pull out your pie out of your wood-fired oven. After all, you put in a lot of effort into picking the right kind of firewood, firing it up and maintaining the temperature to make sure your pizza is cooked perfectly.

2) It can reach high temperatures

With its ability to reach very high temperatures, there are a plethora of dishes that you can make or bake inside a wood fired oven. However, it’s specialty remains the Neapolitan pizza, which can be cooked to perfection, with a golden brown bottom and some slight charring up to, in less than two minutes at temperatures reaching 450°C (800°F).

3) It gives your dish a smoky flavour

Burning firewood actually gives the food that you are cooking inside the oven with a distinct, smoky flavour and aroma that just takes the gastronomic experience to a whole new level. Not only that, wood is a clean and renewable source of energy, which is very environment-friendly.

4) It is very durable

A wood fired pizza oven is a very uncomplicated piece of equipment that is made of bricks and cement. As such, this can last you a lifetime with proper maintenance and cleaning.

What to Look Out For in a Good Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If your interest has already been piqued and you are already keen on getting a wood fired pizza oven, here are some things you should consider when selecting the ideal one.

1. Its shape and dimensions

The shape of the pizza oven is usually half-spherical to significantly impact the air circulation inside. The normal measurements of a good wood-burning pizza oven are an internal diameter of 1.5 meters. However, there are a lot of other sizes and dimensions to choose from and it all really boils down to how many pies you want to be cooked simultaneously and the amount of space you have available inside your kitchen.

2. Materials

A good wood fired oven is composed of refractory materials, which are minerals that are able to absorb very high temperatures and retain this. Refractories are critical so as to resist thermal shock when temperatures get altered quickly.

3. Weight and stability

An oven’s weight will ultimately depend on the materials that were used to construct. Pizza connoisseurs are fond of masonry ovens because these can reach very high temperatures on top of its huge thermal mass. But if you would like to wheel your pizzas around, then you should consider getting a portable oven.

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