Rohit Puri Posted on 6:19 am

Why you should go for a Dental Check-up

Aside from getting some serious dental issue, many individuals may not find periodic visits to the dentists necessary. But this may not be advisable since regular visits to the dentist may avert many problems as well as solve some underlying issues.
A typical dentist appointment consists of two main parts: an examination as well as cleaning.


The examination usually checks for any problems in your dental structure. The first point of concern is any signs of cavities: these are small holes that may develop through the enamel of your teeth. Typically these holes leave the sensitive nerves in the pulp exposed to the air which may result in pain. Consequently, dentist appointments will likely catch these cavities while they are still early in formation before they do significant damage to your teeth.


Another point of examination is your gums. A dentist will usually check for any signs of gum discolouration to determine the health of your gums. Bits of yellow colour may indicate mild signs of gingivitis. Perhaps unusual softness of some of your gum area may indicate some sort of infection. The dentist may also measure the space between your gums and your teeth. Large gaps may indicate an infection of some sort which may lead to exposure of the roots of your teeth and possibly loss of teeth.


The next bit entails looking for any plaque or tartar that may have formed on or in between your teeth. Usually, bacterial action on the food stuck on your teeth leads to the formation of plaque which forms a thin layer of bacteria on your teeth. This layer is easy to remove if one brushes regularly but if left unchecked, this layer could develop into a hardened layer known as tartar.  Tartar cannot be removed by brushing nor flossing. Only a dentist can get rid of this in a process known as scaling where they use specialised tools to break down the structure of the tartar. The same applies for any sticky bacterial build-upup that may have formed in between your gum and teeth.
As mentioned before, this is the right environment for the proliferation of bacteria so leaving this unchecked may lead to oral diseases such as gingivitis and in some instances may lead to the loss of teeth.

Bottom Line

Dental visits are all about assessing the health of your teeth and catching issues early before they cause you great physical pain or even financial strain when undergoing expensive dental procedures. So it may be in your best interests to schedule at least two dental appointments every year with your local dentist. A quick online search such as ‘dentist in Maroubra’ or whichever town you stay in is enough to find a reliable local dentist.