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Why You Should Use Marble Pavers for Pool Decks and Driveways

Marble is a good material to use in decorating your outdoor surfaces such as pavements, swimming pool decks, and patios. The natural stone elevates the status and of your home giving it a classy appearance. Suppliers who deal with natural stones sell marble in varied patterns, colours, and shades to suit any purpose and taste. If you are a homeowner, you can source marble pavers that have been customized to have a rough finish for your surface. The tumbled look prevents slipping in wet conditions especially when the installation is done outdoors. Let us have a look at some advantages of having marble as an option for your surfaces.

1. Safety

Driveways, carparks, and pool decks encounter a lot of vehicular and human traffic thus they should not be slippery. Marble is not always smooth; it also comes in a tumbled form which has anti-slippery features. The anti-slippery advantage makes marble a good choice in areas where children play. Moreover, spills will not compromise on the grip and this is important around the kitchen and bathroom. Despite being rough, marble still looks affluent and elegant to provide an inviting look for visitors. Marble is also dense which makes it endure heavy vehicles accessing the driveway.

2. Heat Resistant

Marble does not absorb heat even during hot weather conditions. When installed in pool decks, the marble surface maintains its cool feature such that your bare feet feel discomfort. Even during the summer season, you can comfortably walk barefoot and relax by the poolside without worrying about the surface being too hot.

3. Cleans Easily and Free of Allergens

Marble does not absorb dust or collect other allergic elements. This characteristic makes it ideal for the surface where kids spend a lot of time such as in school. It is also very easy to clean in case spillage occurs. All you have to do is use mild soap with water and a piece of cloth; no scrubbing with harsh detergents.

4. Variety of Patterns

Marble being a natural rock gives your outdoor space a natural look with a sophisticated edge. Each paver has a distinct veining pattern; this advantage allows you to have an array of patterns and colours in the driveway or pool deck. Also, marble looks great when natural light reflects on it, therefore, installing them in an outdoor swimming pool deck adds to the look of the deck.

5. Durable

Marble can endure heavy traffic hence it’s suitability for driveways as they experience heavy vehicle and human traffic. Also, marble does not scratch easily hence its ideal in places where children spend a lot of their time. Children play with everything they can lay their hands on and sometimes they try scratching the floor or paver with the objects as they play. In summary, marble pavers are a good alternative to other types of pavers as they provide safety and elegance to your surface once you install them. Apart from the appealing look they provide, they are also safe to the users. If you wish to install marble pavers, you can get them from retailers who stock marble flooring tiles and other marble products. Get a professional to install the pavers for you to ensure they last long without coming off.

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