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Winter is a Great Time to Renovate your Pool or Get a Whole New One

When winter creeps on in and you’re huddled indoors around the fireplace, your beloved backyard pool is sitting dormant and lonely yearning for someone to splash, frolic in and make good use of it. This makes it the perfect time to renovate or install a pool, ready for the warm summer weather. Make good use of your time spent indoors over the winter and plot, plan, and put into action your pool plans for the summer. Whether your pool needs maintenance, an aesthetic upgrade or you’re going the whole hog and getting a brand new one, winter is the perfect time to implement these plans, for a variety of reasons. In this post, we will tell you why! It’s time to get ready for summer.
If you require renovations, winter is the best time to do it. For many reasons, obviously the first being that the pool is not in use, so no one is going to be hanging out to take a dip, asking when the pool fixers will be finished. The second reason is winter is the slow season. You might find that you are able to score yourself a bargain, whether you’re buying a new pool or simply getting renovations done. Pool contractors often offer discounts on labour and materials. Pool equipment such as pumps and filters are usually on sale in the slow period to promote more sales. So, while you are cooped up inside your house, have a browse around and see if you can pick up some bargains.
Due to winter being the slow season, the contractors will be more readily available, and will more than likely be able to finish your renovations a lot quicker and save you some money. Generally, in summer months, pool contractors are stretched quite thin, running back and forth from job to job doing little bits at a time. Get it done in winter to avoid a long drawn out process.
If you are installing a brand new pool, winter is the ideal time. Installing a pool can be a lengthy process and if a contractor can focus solely on your pool, the installation will take half the time. Also, as I said earlier, a lot of contractors offer winter discounts, so save yourself some time and money.
It’s also a great time to give your pool a makeover. The following are a few ideas to give your pool a makeover during winter, so that when it comes to summer, your pool will become an aquatic wonderland for you and your family to splash around in.

Pool Lighting

There’s something magical about swimming around at night time. So, get your pool ready for those after dark swims with some super cool LED lighting. There is an extensive range on the market. My favourite is the LEDs that can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can control the colour, duration, and schedule at the touch of a button. LED lighting looks amazing and will brighten up your backyard at night time and entice people into the pool. Get your backyard ready for pool parties with friends and family.

Water Features

Water features can turn an average pool into a thing a beauty. Not only do you get the aesthetic benefits, you also get the soothing tones of running water, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard. I simply love going to sleep with the soothing sounds of running water in the background. Water features can be as simple or as intricate as you like and range in price depending on how far you want to go. It’s best to have a look online for some inspiration and take your ideas to your pool contractor.

Automate Your Pool System

There are a range of pool systems (i.e. filters and pumps) on the market that pretty much do the work themselves. Once you set the schedule via the app, you can forget about it and free up time. The systems work via Wi-Fi and are completely autonomous. Some of the apps available can even analyse your water parameters and provide a detailed report on what chemicals you need to add to ensure your water is safe for swimming. Obviously, you will need to add the chemicals yourself, but there is no need for calculations; the app does it all for you.

Resurfacing Your Pool

If your pool is in need of a resurface, winter is the perfect time to drain it and get the contractors in. A leaking pool can cause all sort of problems to your backyard flora and fauna and cause erosion. It can be a costly process, so try to get some sort of discount during the slower season.
While you are freezing cold, dreaming of the summer, get your pool in tip-top order and make those summer dreams a reality. Turn your backyard pool area into an exciting, inviting and enticing place so that you, your family and friends can enjoy your pool and make the most of summer.
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